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Addressable Fire Alarm System

Addressable Fire Alarm System

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems is a great way to provide security and safety for the people in your home, business, or even while you're on vacation. They are a combination of heat sensors and smoke detectors that can be installed on any door or window in your home. The heat detectors detect heated air while the smoke detectors sense the smoke. The combination of these two detects automatically shuts off the alarm to warn of potential danger.

There are a variety of different models you can purchase for your Home or Business that come with a range of sensors. Some of the sensors are linked to a central call point which allows them to send an alert to a central monitoring station when there is a break-in or a fire alarm activated. Other models are completely wireless, which means they can be placed anywhere in your home. Either way, you will still have your basic traditional push-button alarm system.

Some of the newer detectors have added features such as "smart motion" detection which will sense movement around your home. If someone walks by and the detector thinks it might be an intruder then it will activate the alarm. It will also detect if the person stops before walking near your home. These advanced detectors are a great addition to a basic system because they help to prevent false alarms and false fires while adding more advanced features that can help prevent your property from being broken into or damaged by fire.

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