About Cube Camera

Cube Camera is an internal ceiling or bracket mounted camera that provides a fixed lens and fixed angle solution.

Cube cameras are ideal for Home CCTV and other similar indoor IP CCTV applications where cost-effective indoor CCTV monitoring with remote access is required. Cube cameras are IP based cameras.

Cube Camera
Cube Camera
what are the key features of cube camera?
Some of the key features of the cube cameras are:

• HD resolution

• Panoramic view

• Wi-Fi enabled

• Micro SD card up to 64 GB

• IR / day-night vision

• Smartphone support

How to configure the cube camera for remote viewing? How can the user access the cube camera remotely?

Once the camera is connected to the AP mode (Access point) on the mobile phone. Follow these steps:

1. Go to settings

2. from there go to network settings

3. Select station mode and search for the available Wi-Fi networks

4. Connect to the router Wi-Fi

5. Once connected, the feed from the camera can be viewed online through the device via the application.